Pollution is a dreadful thing
destroying forests green
making water dirty
it really is obscene.

People live in squalor
creatures die in pain
from toxic vile pollution
the facts are quite insane.

There's a real mess we're in
we should be telling folk
but instead we're pushing
smoke & mirrors - it's a joke.

Except the joke's a bad one
& is purely terror-forming
but makes a lot of money
& they call it global warming.

We've seen what giant pharma
& the 'powers that be' can do
with the money that they've pocketed
over swine & avian flu

It isn't great to admit
that we've been conned once more
but if we let the horse just gallop off
it's too late to bolt the door

You cannot reinstate a species
or re-grow an ancient tree
by paying carbon offset
or making products carbon-free.

You cannot clean an ocean
or bring back an extinct fish
by taxing people's air fares
how ever hard you wish.

So if you want a better world
consider what you do
What real difference will you make
it's not just CO2.