A bit of a jam.

There was a lady in Holland
whose pet hamsters made her glad
but sadly one day
they all passed away
which made her very sad.

In her grief she was sent quite loony
a few slices short of a ham
in her maddened state
thought it would be great
to turn their bodies into jam.

Over her large preserving pan
she toiled away for hours
but as you'd predict
the jam made her sick
so she threw it out over the flowers.

In the morning when she looked out
there were tulips everywhere
no more daisies, lilies
although it sounds silly
just tulips and tulips were there.

When she told her neighbour -
a wise Dutchman called Sam,
he said " I thought you knew
that everyone grew
tulips from hamster jam."

Thanks to Andrew Wright for the use of his hamster photo

This poem, picture and dedication appears on page 63 of The Alternative Poetry Books - Blue edition